Forget motorbikes, marathons and drastic haircuts! Changing career in your 40s (or even 50s) doesn’t need to be a midlife crisis.

As the world of employment has transformed during the last decades, and even more so during the pandemic, the idea of a ‘career for life’ is no longer the norm. It’s now increasingly common to switch career paths more than once, to better utilise your skills and find fulfilling roles.

Forging a new career path can be daunting, but don’t panic — at age 40+ you have some amazing advantages.


You have increased confidence 

By this point, it’s likely you’ll have accrued two decades of experience in the workplace. With that experience comes a greater level of confidence. This includes social and interpersonal confidence, as well as confidence in your skills and experience.

Harnessed properly, this confidence is a great asset to bring into a changing career.


You have greater self-awareness

You’ve now had 40+ years of living with yourself, so it stands to reason that you’ll have developed a greater level of self-awareness. What excites you? What irritates you? What motivates you to work, and how do you best relate to others?

If you’re able to examine these sorts of questions — and the all important why behind them — then you’ll have a level of self-awareness and emotional intelligence which is a huge benefit in the workplace, especially if you’re seeking management or leadership-level roles.


You can analyse your next career move carefully 

You’ve gained skills, experience, confidence and self-awareness. You may also have a professional reputation, glowing testimonies, a list of successes, qualifications or a large network. All of these can be used to your advantage when you’re seeking the next step in your career.

You also have an opportunity to take stock of all these and analyse your next move carefully. When you were younger and inexperienced you may have felt you had to take the first role which presented itself. Now you’re able to be more selective. Where will you thrive? What industry or role is in need of your skills? Are there any things you can do now to help your future success?


What next? Identify your key strengths and skills

A great place to start in this process is with a strength-finding tool like my Strengths Profile Assessment. Using this leading strength assessment psychometric tool, I can help you to explore the key questions of what you’re looking for in your career, and to develop resilience and esteem.

One recent client fed back, “Working with Sarah on my Strengths Profile has had a significant impact on my self-confidence, my job focus and my personal ambition.”

If you’re interested to find out your strengths to help you leverage your change in career, why not download a sample report so you can see the rich content and career guide it can offer, before taking the assessment for yourself? Click here to find out about the Strengths Profile Assessment today.


My career coaching is a great place to start for those looking to take the next step in their career. Whether you want to grow in confidence in your skills, or get clearer on what you’re looking for, coaching gives you the space to reflect, take action, receive ongoing confidence boosters and encouragement, and keep you accountable and on track.

Book a FREE telephone consultation with me to start your journey.

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