It’s very hard to do your job while lacking energy, enthusiasm and drive to get things done on time and to the highest possible standard. That’s exactly what you lose when you’re unmotivated. It’s not fair to write it off as ‘work is work’. Everyone can – and deserves to – find a meaningful purpose in the workplace and feel inspired by the impact they can make in their job. 

Furthermore, motivation impacts job performance and career progression. If you’re not motivated, you don’t have the energy to maintain your usual workload, turnaround rate and quality of work. It’s a battle to keep up with responsibilities and targets for your current role never mind plan your next career move. It really is a lose-lose situation. 

But if you’re already noticing a lack of motivation, how do you get your motivation back?

Relighting the Flame of Motivation

To find your motivation again, you need to find what – specifically – motivates you. It’s not just money even though salary is one of the first things we consider when searching for a job. It’s the lifestyle or influence money buys. It might not be money at all. You might be motivated by social factors or opportunities to develop as a professional. What one person finds highly motivating, the next person might not care about at all. But we’re never told how to identify or leverage our motivations to find fulfilment and drive our careers forward. Until now…

Motivational Maps is a tool that uncovers the motivations of an individual or team from among 9 motivators that can be organised into 3 categories: relationships, achievements and growth. These motivational drivers are identified through an assessment and put into context during a debrief with a trained consultant. When you know what motivates you, you can leverage the awareness to rekindle your motivation at work. 

What are the Different Motivations?

Motivational Maps ranks the importance of the 9 motivators for your own happiness and performance at work. The top ones are essential to account for in your work life. The bottom ones don’t motivate you at all and may even de-motivate you. Essentially, you find out what makes you tick in a workplace environment.  

Relationship motivators

The Defender is motivated by security. They value certainty and stability at work and want to make sure they are building a solid future for themselves. 

Top tip: Look for jobs in organisations that have clear and regular communication as this supports your need for certainty and security. 


The Friend is motivated by a sense of belonging. They need rewarding relationships at work to feel energised and driven. They thrive in a collaborative culture. 

Top tip: Get involved in organising social events for your team to create opportunities for relationship-building. 


The Star is motivated by opportunities to gain recognition, respect and social esteem in the public sphere. They care about hierarchy and rewards because it’s a chance for good publicity. 

Top tip: Write your own obituary. What will be said about you? Who will be at your funeral? This uncovers an end goal that you can work backwards from to set workplace targets. 

Achievement motivators

The Director is motivated by power and influence. They are driven by having the responsibility to make critical decisions about how things are done. 

Top tip: Don’t wait to be asked. Volunteer to take on more responsibility. Apply for more senior positions. Request opportunities to shadow leaders. Be proactive about gaining more responsibility. 


The Builder is motivated by material reward. They are determined to make enough money to sustain an above-average lifestyle. 

Top tip: Consider job roles with bonuses, clear paths to promotion and even performance-related pay because you find the reward of earning more money motivating. 


The Expert is motivated by knowledge-building. They have a need to become an expert in what they do and are passionate about subject mastery. 

Top tip: Stay on top of your CPD by looking for opportunities for training and mentorship from other experts to expand your knowledge and skills.


Growth motivators

The Creator is motivated by creativity. They are in their zone of genius when they can problem solve through innovation and original output. They value the buzz of playing around with new things. 

Top tip: Look for companies with a culture of change because there will always be opportunities to adapt, innovate and try new things.


The Spirit is motivated by freedom, independence and autonomy. They need to be able to make their own decisions and engage in self-direction. 

Top tip: Go for jobs in companies with flat management structures. Avoid hierarchies and micro-management because you’ll find these work environments far too restrictive.


The Searcher is driven by meaning and purpose. They want to make a difference and truly believe in their work because it has a purpose beyond money and status. 

Top tip: Avoid set routines, repetitive tasks and paper-driven responsibilities. They dull your drive because their impact feels less tangible. 


For more information on how the 9 motivators come together to create an individual or team motivational map, download my free motivational map guide

How Do You Pinpoint Your Motivation?

Do any of the 9 motivators ring a bell for you? Some are more obvious than others. It’s not unusual for my clients to be surprised by one or two of the top motivations on their map but when we talk it through in the debrief it actually makes a lot of sense. The debriefs hold so much value because we can link your top motivators to your work, either reinvigorating motivation in your current role or exploring how to find motivation in a new role. We also look at what doesn’t motivate you so you can steer clear of work environments that don’t suit you. 

Motivational Maps is a tool I use in my career coaching sessions alongside the Strengths Profile assessment as this provides clarity on what drives you, the skills you enjoy using and how to bring it all together. You’ll leave with steps to follow to feel more energised, driven and fulfilled at work. Book a Career Coaching session with Strengths Profiling & Motivational Maps to gain insight into how to make the most of your work life. 

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