“Coaching was an opportunity to discuss my current state of mind, and establish a plan for getting back into a position of being satisfied and stretched by my day-to-day role. That plan has been set, but I was not expecting the level of depth in needing to understand myself and what I need to be in place in order to achieve that, which has certainly helped.

It transformed from a ‘venting’ exercise into a more reflective, thoughtful, and positive experience (within the 1st hour!)

I benefited mostly in recognising my existing strengths, and exploring new ways of using those in different tasks, or using them in group discussions/exercises to compliment other people’s strengths. I was surprised at how little thought I’d given to myself and trying to understand why I think/act the way I do – why I’m happy, why I’m frustrated etc, and how I can tweak my environment or behaviour to improve my frame of mind.

Now, I’ll dedicate more time towards thinking about myself and what I want, and how to achieve it, rather than just accepting the status quo.”