I knew that I needed to move on from my current role but felt a bit daunted by the job ahead to find the role that I wanted. Sarah’s strengths and motivations assessment gave me confidence in my choice to find a new role and confirmed why I needed to do the work to get there. It also gave me new language about myself – my strengths and skills – to be more confident, to better articulate my strengths and about who I am to prospective employers.

When I finally landed an interview for the ideal job I went back to Sarah for my interview practice. Sarah put me on the right path with a range of sample questions and feedback on my practice questions. I put in a lot of practice after that and landed that new job!

I’m very grateful for Sarah’s caring and supportive approach. She is genuinely interested in you; probes to find out what makes you tick and provides great tools and honest advice on what you need to work on so that you can shine in that interview!