When people and teams understand their strengths, they know what to work on and when, and what to get support on. We run 1:1 coaching and workshops so everyone can learn about their Profile and how to put their strengths to work.

If you’d like to perform better, be more engaged at work and be more effective at developing yourself, then I’d highly encourage you to complete a Strengths Profile Assessment.


 Knowing your strengths helps you make better career choices

If you are uncertain about what to do next in your career, or are finding it hard to explain what you’re good at, knowing your strengths can be a truly insightful way to make progress.

You may already be aware of some of your strengths, but you are likely to discover so much more of your unrealised or hidden talents by using the Strengths Profile tool.

Raising your awareness of what energises you and what you perform well in can be helpful in understanding whether certain job roles will provide you with fulfilling and meaningful work.

Strengths Profiling is NOT about matching you up to different career routes, but it can be an invaluable reference point when considering whether you want to apply for a job or not.

Working with Sarah on my Strengths Profile has had a significant impact on my self-confidence, my job focus and my personal ambition. She combines natural empathy and warmth with a shrewd ability to challenge perceptions and illuminate positive attributes in the even the darkest corners of insecurity.


University Senior Administrator

Why choose the Strengths Profile?

Strengths Profile is a leading global online strengths assessment psychometric tool for individual executive, personal and team coaching, and career planning. Based on a decade of robust research in the field of positive psychology, by Alex Linley and the team at CappFinity, the survey has 180 questions and takes about 20 minutes to complete.

Over 1 million Strengths Profile assessments have been taken by individuals for personal reasons and staff members for professional purposes, globally. Strengths Profile can be done individually or as a team of up to 100 staff members, and can have a huge impact in both personal and professional development.

The Strengths Profile tool assesses 60 strengths across three dimensions of energy, performance, and use. The report distributes the data across four quadrants:

    How well and how often you use particular strengths and how they impact your energy level is critical for your performance. 

    Our potential lies with our unrealised strengths. These are our capacities that we perform well and energise us but we have not had the opportunity to use our unrealised strengths, or use them often enough. 

    Understanding your Strengths Profile and how to utilise your realised and unrealised strengths effectively will unlock your performance and potential. You will discover new ways to and bring energy to tasks that otherwise leave you drained and de-energised. 

    As an experienced Master Accredited Practitioner, my workshops and 1:1 coaching support are designed to enable you to optimally use your strengths and elevate your energy level, engagement and performance at work and at home. 

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    [The Strengths Profile Online Assessment and Debrief] …was really interesting, and I intend to keep going back to it from time to time to keep using the insight gained. It has made me want to develop some skills that I have but don’t use often and has made me give more thought and planning of my own personal and professional development.

    Kate, Registration Service Manager

    When I first met Sarah, I didn’t know what I wanted to do for work after my PhD. Through one-on-one conversations, and tools I wouldn’t otherwise have been able to access (like Strengths Profiling), Sarah gave me the guidance and direction, not only to understand what I want from my career, but also the language with which to talk about my skills and personal motivation in interview. 

    Ruth, Doctoral Researcher

    Sarah’s fantastic, providing exactly the right balance between challenge and support.  We used Strengths Profiling as the basis for our coaching, and I found this a stimulating approach which really unlocked my thinking.  Sarah was particularly great at helping me to explore how I had demonstrated – and could make more of – my unrealised strengths.  I felt so much more positive by the end our sessions.

    Senior Strategic Planning Officer for a University

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