Workplace Coaching


Performance and Workplace Coaching – £95.00 (1 hour – Skype or telephone)

If you are ready to take ownership and realise your own professional and personal ambitions in your current role, my Performance and Workplace Coaching is an opportunity to:

  • Discuss and reflect on workplace or performance concerns in a confidential and supportive space
  • Remember what makes you shine and Identify your signature strengths
  • Build your confidence, self-belief and resilience to take action and tackle new challenges
  • Enhance authority and credibility with improved leadership skills, confidence and presence
  • Re-visit work objectives and goals in a more positive light, and increase your performance, innovation, creativity and output
  • Communicate your accomplishments and skills in a persuasive and professional way that attracts the attention of managers and recruiters.


Executive, Organisational or In-house Performance Coaching 

Sarah Robinson Coaching offers a flexible programme of 1-to-1 coaching which provides a confidential and impactful solution to support managers and HR to help develop an individual’s workplace performance or job success.

Dependent on the approach and programme used, coaching can be an integral part of:

  • Development Action Plans or Appraisal Process, and support the participant’s objectives and development goals
  • Explore key areas of focus, including identification of on‐the‐job stretch assignments that provide scope/depth/complexity of learning
  • Identify signature strengths that can be used to address critical areas for development
  • Learning activities, behavioural tips and skill building resources
  • Outcomes and measures of success.


If you would like to talk about how I can help you or your employees with my flexible coaching programmes, contact me for a free, no obligation consultation. Fees available on request further to a consultation to discuss requirements.