Workplace Coaching


We offer a flexible programme of 1-to-1 and group coaching programmes which provide a confidential and impactful solution to support managers and HR to help develop an individual’s workplace performance or job success.  

Workplace Coaching can be an integral part of: 

  • Development Action Plans or Appraisal Process, and support the participant’s objectives and development goals
  • Explore key areas of focus, including identification of on‐the‐job stretch assignments that provide scope/depth/complexity of learning
  • Discuss and reflect on workplace or performance concerns in a confidential and supportive space
  • Remember what makes you shine and identify your signature strengths to address areas of development
  • Build your confidence, self-belief and resilience to take action and tackle new challenges
  • Enhance authority and credibility with improved leadership skills and presence
  • Re-visit work objectives and goals in a more positive light, and increase your performance, innovation, creativity and output
  • Communicate your accomplishments and skills in a persuasive and professional way that attracts the attention of managers and key stakeholders.

Organisations supported include:


I hoped to work out what I really wanted to achieve, and the coaching helped me to see this and how to phrase my goals in a clear, business like way. As I went through the coaching journey, I found I wanted to be more positive and I began concentrating on and highlighting the good aspects of my work style. I’ve gained more confidence in myself and confidence in taking action to achieve my goals in a way that would benefit both myself and the business.

I found that the talking style was very free and I could take the conversation in a way that was right for me. I find the sessions to be very relaxed and beneficial and enjoyed the freedom to discuss any issues I had freely. (The major insight made is…) that I have the ability to improve myself and be an even more productive member of the team, and that I can phrase things slightly differently to communicate in a more business savvy way.

Customer Service Adviser

I cannot recommend Sarah enough for her support in my journey to finding a new role. Sarah has a very considered, empathetic approach to what can be a challenging process, particularly after not interviewing for some time. She leads you to self reflection through strengths profiling and open discussion, which enables a more intentional plan for your next steps and indeed long term career path.

Group Procurement Manager

The coaching was such an enlightening experience as it allowed me to reflect on my leadership style. Sometimes how we see ourselves isn’t necessarily the way we portray ourselves. The session also opened my eyes to making sure I am more strategic than operational as I move towards being a substantive head. It was a really beneficial session, time went by quickly which is indicative of flow of conversation . I would like further sessions as it felt good to speak openly and gain valuable support/ advice.


I was hoping the coaching sessions would help me build confidence to perform to the best of my ability in my new role. The coaching has met and exceeded my expectations.

I gained a better understanding for my role within the company, better self-awareness and my confidence has grown significantly. I am now more likely to speak up in meetings when I have something to contribute. I find difficult conversations easier to have with my team members and feel my confidence in all areas has developed.  The biggest breakthrough was realising that I am more capable than I think I am. I contribute more and have confidence in what I have to say. I am more determined to raise concerns/tackle issues before they become bigger problems within my team and company-wide.

I was surprised by the way that I came up with answers and solutions myself with very little guidance. Sarah is brilliant at guiding you through thought processes to achieve the best solutions to often difficult situations. I benefited the most from having the time to think through and discuss things with someone from outside of the company.

Sales Development Team Leader

Sarah provided interviewee and interviewer coaching sessions for the company’s gender diversity network in order to compliment an internal mobility programme that was being run.

Sarah provided excellent advice on how to be prepared for interview success, how to structure answers and how to review interview responses to help ensure the right message is getting across to the interviewer. The interviewer coaching sessions looked at how to get the most out of your interviewee and what good looks like.

Sarah provided practical advice and tips that the coaching participants were able take away and put into practice. Both sessions were very well received and we hope to use Sarah again for future sessions.


I have gained a lot from the professional development coaching sessions in how to move my leadership skills forward and how to get the best out of staff. Thank you Sarah.


The coaching sessions have enabled me to think differently about the skills and strengths of individual members of SLT and how this can move the school forward as a whole. I found myself going back over the conversation this morning in my head and unpicking the session – some things have become clearer to me. Thank you.

Outplacement Services

  • Helping businesses support the needs of employees exiting their organisation due to redundancy, and enabling them to smoothly move on to the next stage of their career.

Executive & Leadership Development

  • Discover and nurture your internal talent through assessments, coaching, upskilling and transitioning.
  • Unlock your potential when you want to progress in your career or with your organisation.

Retirement Transition Programmes

  • Improving retirement readiness with tailored non-financial and emotional transition support.

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