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I have worked with Sarah in the 18 months approaching my retirement and although initially I thought the process un-necessary her abilities to encourage you think about the wider picture and the impact not only upon you as an individual but also those around you has been invaluable, thought provoking and totally worthwhile. I would encourage anybody approaching a significant event in their lives professionally or personal to engage with her.

Former Managing Director, Accountancy Firm

Although I felt I had read the books, run through the scenarios and felt prepared for retirement, I found working with Sarah filled a lot of gaps in my retirement planning I didn’t realise I had. Some excellent tips, such as the selfie on the last time leaving work, to linkedin tips and suggestions were offered in conjunction with a lot of useful experience from those who had got retirement right with an understandable caveat that each experience is unique to the individual.

Don’t think you need retirement coaching? Think again, it is not possible to be over prepared for one of the biggest life events after all and well worth the investment into getting it right. Sarah makes the sessions engaging and relevant with a huge amount of supporting material. I recommend her without a second’s hesitation.

Global Food Manufacturer

Over just a few short calls, Sarah prepared me effectively for an interview. She improved my speaking style and advised me on refining my content. I appreciated Sarah’s expertise regarding the law firm interview process, and her friendly, encouraging manner. I was especially grateful for how accommodating Sarah was of my schedule, and for the wealth of helpful materials she prepared for me during our sessions. 

Law Training Contract

I had the pleasure to work with Sarah to prepare for my interview. She surprised me with the approach and level of preparation she put into the questions prior to our meeting. The time during the sessions was very efficient and the feedback provided helped me enormously during the interviews. Sarah prepared me for interviews with different stakeholders, hiring manager, up to CEO. I got selected! 

What I loved also about coaching with Sarah is that I could remain truly myself during interviews, it is the language and examples I was providing that made me stand out. It was best time and money invested in my life and I am sure it will materialize long term as candidate but also interviewer. Thank you Sarah!

Global Head of Procurement

I’m so grateful for my son who found you and gifted me with your retirement coaching.

My experience with your coaching process was overwhelmingly positive. What truly set you apart was your holistic approach. You delved into lifestyle considerations, health and wellness, and strategies for maintaining a fulfilling post-retirement life. This comprehensive perspective helped me see retirement as more than just a financial milestone but as an opportunity for personal growth and enrichment.

I really appreciated your advice about balancing accountability, setting boundaries, and celebrating progress while releasing tendencies to berate myself for what I didn’t yet do.

Your expertise, personalized approach, effective communication, and holistic perspective combined to create a truly valuable partnership. I now feel more confident and well-prepared as I embark on this new chapter of my life, and I credit much of that to the guidance and support provided by you.

I wholeheartedly recommend your services to anyone seeking a positive and enriching retirement planning experience.

California, USA

Over the last 6 months I have been lucky enough to have Sarah mentor me through the UpRising Leadership Programme. Sarah has provided me with sound and clear advice at every stage, and through the safe and supportive environment she created I felt comfortable enough to share any insecurities and doubts. She has an uncanny ability to draw out strengths and strategically assess them to ensure I could make the most out of my skills in a variety of situations. Due to Sarah’s endless encouragement and kindness I feel so much more confident in maximising my experiences to find a graduate position. Everyone needs a mentor like Sarah in their lives!

Regional Programme Manager

Sarah provided some great advice. For myself, being in the same career since the age of 19, taking the first steps into the world of job hunting was daunting. Clear advice and an understanding of my situation helped massively. I believe my CV, LinkedIn and strategy have benefitted massively.

Engineering Plant Manager

Sarah has guided me to find clarity at times in my career when my future path was unclear and uncertain.
She is an excellent coach, helping me to focus on my strengths. Ensuring my CV demonstrated the real me and enabling me to get a job where I could add value and enjoy. Most of all she genuinely cared and did wonders for my self esteem.

Project Manager

Sarah listened very carefully to my future career objectives and gave me excellent advice on how to progress them by broadening my social media reach – it has delivered results!

Public Sector Procurement Specialist
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