If you’re finding it difficult to reflect on what you’ve done, or perhaps you’re curious about how others see you, it can be invaluable to seek out feedback and ideas from colleagues, managers, clients, friends to get their honest and objective insights into what they believe you contribute and offer. You could ask them:

  • ‘Where have you added most value?’
  • ‘How have you helped them achieve their goals within the business?’
  • What problems do I solve?
  • What are my areas of expertise?
  • ‘What would they miss most about you if you left?’

If you use the professional networking site, LinkedIn, send out Recommendation Requests to colleagues and clients you have a good relationship with and know you well.  Why not return the favour by writing recommendations for others, so you receive feedback and boost your profile at the same time!

Find a way of collating customer feedback, testimonials, nice emails that thank you for your support and expertise. This can be a great reminder when putting together any performance reviews or appraisals. I keep a folder in my Outlook entitled ‘Nice Feedback’ and I save a copy of any email I receive that thanks me for the work I did or the support I gave. I take a look in that folder every now and again, and it gives me that little boost when I need it most!

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