Retirement Life planning


If you’ve been struggling to understand what retirement could look like, and just don’t know where to even begin with your research and exploration, then this Retirement Life Planning Toolkit is for you.

Kick start the planning process to assess your retirement readiness with a LifeOptions Profile Assessment and unique report, complemented by a series of e-resources, workbooks and articles to really help you figure out what you want and need your retirement life to be like. 

The toolkit can be completed in your own time and at your own pace.

The Retirement Life Planning Toolkit includes:


LifeOptions Profile online questionnaire which addresses how ready you are for retirement in six areas of your life:

Career & Work, Health & Wellness Finances & Insurance, Family & Relationships, Leisure & Social, Personal Development

LifeOptions Profile Retirement Lifestyle Planning Report – After completing the questionnaire, you will receive a personalized report based upon your responses, which will show you what your priorities are for retirement and where you need to devote more time and energy in preparing for retirement.

Retirement Resources Guide – a 13-page summary of some great resources to help make your retirement planning easier, with sections on:

  • Career & Work (Recruitment, Volunteering, Mentoring, Non-Executive Director/Board/Trustees and Self-employment)
  • Lifelong Learning and Personal Development, Health & Wellness, Family & Relationships
  • Travelling & Living Abroad and Leisure & Social Finances, Policy & Research and Wish List inspiration

Exploring Part-Time Work in Retirement – a workbook to help you reflect on the drivers and benefits for working in retirement and understand what truly motivates you to work.

The Six Emotional Stages of Retirement – recognise the emotional and psychological stages of transitioning into retirement and beyond.

Letting Go of Your Working Life  – a poignant and reflective written activity to help bring a sense of closure and acceptance about saying goodbye to your working life.


How to Create a Wish List for a Meaningful Retirement – practical tips on how to create a list of goals and dreams that help you focus on living life to the full in retirement.

Sarah’s fantastic, providing exactly the right balance between challenge and support. We used Strengths Profiling alongside some of the retirement workbooks as the basis for our coaching. I found this a stimulating approach which really unlocked my thinking. Sarah was particularly great at helping me to explore how I had demonstrated – and could make more of – my unrealised strengths. I felt so much more positive by the end our sessions.

Senior Strategic Planning Officer

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