I came across this really insightful quote by psychologist Daniel Goleman, shared in an article on maintaining mental health during the coronavirus interview, which epitomises the theme of Episode 2 of my podcast ‘From Burnout to Breakthrough – Understanding Motivation’.


“Doing what’s meaningful – acting on what really matters to a person – is the antidote to burnout.”


When we focus on our Motivation, we are focusing on the quality of our life, on the amount of energy we have at any given point in time, which leads to how much impact we can make and, ultimately, how happy we are.

Right now, in the midst of a pandemic, we’re seeing many people who are questioning how motivated they are:

  • I’m always tired and have no energy or enthusiasm to get things done, like I used to.
  • I’ve had enough – I want a complete change of career and direction!
  • I’m doubting myself more and more – is it me, my job, where I work…?
  • My team just doesn’t have the buzz they used to – I’m not sure how to motivate them.

All of these doubts are often underpinned by feeling conflicted, distracted, stressed, mentally and physically exhausted, bombarded with constant change, or being on a treadmill that you just can’t get off!

As part of my newly launched series of podcasts, to provide expert guidance and practical advice for your professional life, I’m really proud to present Episode Two: From Burnout to Break through – Understanding Motivation.

It was my turn to take the ‘hot seat’, with Jo Perruzza, Mental Health Trainer and Founder of Working With You In MIND, asking insightful questions about this fascinating topic of Motivation. In this podcast, I share:

  • What Motivation is and why it is so important
  • How burnout and stress can impact on your motivation, personally and professionally
  • How Motivational Maps can identify what specifically motivates you
  • Where Motivation sits in the Performance Triangle.


Listen now to Episode Two: From Burnout to Break through – Understanding Motivation to find out more

If you’re questioning WHY you do what you do, or perhaps can’t see HOW it aligns with your current role or organisation, then Motivational Maps can give you the language to understand, articulate and communicate this.

Motivational Maps is an online assessment tool that looks at what motivates you in your life (personally and professionally) and how motivated are you right now – so it measures your level of motivation. The majority of clients who complete the assessment often comment how ‘scarily accurate’ their unique report is and how it has helped them reconnect with their ‘Why’.

The report ranks all nine motivator themes and focuses on your top 3 drivers and your lowest motivator.

It is providing you with a language – not a label– and a great starting point for a conversation on how understanding what motivates you can improve your engagement, productivity and happiness.


Find out more or book your free telephone consultation call to find out how I can help you rediscover your motivation!

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