The whole topic of burnout and overwhelm really resonated with me personally, as well as many of my career coaching clients. As a high achiever, doing my best to balance all the demands this new crazy pandemic world is throwing at me, takes its toll emotionally and physically. 

I’m working remotely from home, all guns blazing on my university careers consultant job, running a growing business, looking after my daughter and navigating home schooling, whilst managing the stress of potential imminent lockdowns. Not to forget attempting (often dismally) to eat well and manage my own self-care!

It’s exhausting just to write that down, never mind experience it! 

If you are managing similar challenges right now, burnout is a very real possibility. Perhaps you are also dealing with the stress over losing your job, struggling to find a new job in a pandemic-induced recession, or even questioning whether you’re in the right job in the first place. You may question whether you’re good enough, whether you can keep up with the competition, or doubt your confidence in yourself and your ability to do a job – any job – that you can thrive in and enjoy.

This all leads to a whole host of stress and burnout. 

So, as part of my newly launched series of podcasts, to provide expert guidance and practical advice for your professional life, I’m really proud to present Episode One: From Burnout to Break through.

It was a pleasure to talk with Jo Perruzza, Mental Health Trainer and Founder of Working With You In MIND, who shares her honest and very personal insights about how to move from burnout to break through. Based on her own experiences and extensive work with individuals and organisations, this podcast will cover how you can:

  • Recognise the signs of burnout
  • Recover and come out the end a much stronger person
  • Take action and follow practical steps to lead you from burnout to break through 


Listen now to Episode One: From Burnout to Break through to find out more.

As part of Working with you in MIND, Jo helps organisations to embed Mental Health awareness into their work place, by creating bespoke health and workplace wellness training programmes and coaching. With a professional background in Mental health nursing, senior management, coaching and a Mental Health First Aider, Jo’s passionate about increasing individuals’, teams’ and organisations’ productivity, health and happiness.

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