When we focus on our Motivation, we are focusing on the quality of our life, on the amount of energy we have at any given point in time, which leads to how much impact we can make and, ultimately, how happy we are.

Right now, in the midst of a pandemic, we’re seeing many people who are questioning how motivated they are:

  • I’m always tired and have no energy or enthusiasm to get things done, like I used to.
  • I’ve had enough – I want a complete change of career and direction!
  • I’m doubting myself more and more – is it me, my job, where I work…?
  • My team just doesn’t have the buzz they used to – I’m not sure how to motivate them.

All of these doubts are often underpinned by feeling conflicted, distracted, stressed, mentally and physically exhausted, bombarded with constant change, or being on a treadmill that you just can’t get off!

If you’re questioning WHY you do what you do, or perhaps can’t see HOW it aligns with your current role or organisation, then Motivational Maps can give you the language to understand, articulate and communicate this.

As your coach, my role is to help you unpick your profile and work through the detail so you can make sense of the Motivational Map and apply its findings to wherever you are right now in your personal or professional life.

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Motivational Maps

Motivational Maps® are available for individuals, managers, team leaders, HR professionals and coaches. Whichever solution you select, you can be sure it will provide a solid foundation on which to build an action plan for better performance and personal satisfaction at work.

Motivational Maps® is an ISO accredited, self-perception diagnostic tool which gives an insight into the core motivation of a person and “what makes them tick”. It is easy to do, taking less than 15 minutes to complete online, and the report is practical and extremely revealing as most individuals have little idea about what truly motivates them.

Motivational Maps® can help you

  • Make good career decisions
  • Better understand your personal priorities
  • See how well your current role is fulfilling your core career drivers
  • Determine how your motivation is likely to change
  • Develop leadership and coaching skills
  • Achieve greater fulfilment and be happier at work
  • Learn what you can do to improve results, increase resilience and well-being
  • Enable greater employee engagement

Your unique report :

  • Identifies what a person is motivated by; what a person wants and needs at work to drive high performance
  • Measures to what extent a person’s Motivators are currently being met
  • Provides practical, targeted reward strategies which, when applied, can help to drive up motivation levels
  • Enables a person to set meaningful targets for their future motivation levels


of Maps users found it easy to complete.


of Maps users said their Motivational Map® accurately described their personal motivators


found the information in their personalised report useful.


1:1 Career Coaching with Motivational Maps - £195

For transforming personal energy and performance – ideal for individual career and leadership development.

  • Complete an online 15-minute diagnostic and receive a full 15-page report on what motivates you and how motivated you currently are.
  • A 60-minute telephone/online coaching debrief call to help you explore your results further and gain greater insights on how you are meeting your motivators.

Use this for:

  • Career Planning
  • Coaching and managing staff
  • Performance appraisals and rewarding individuals
  • Recruitment and retention of staff

 Benefits and Outcomes:

  • Enhanced self-awareness, increased motivation and performance
  • Improved engagement and productivity
  • Better career and recruitment choices and selections

Sample Individual Report – http://www.motivationalmaps.com/Resources/Example_Individual_Report.pdf

Coaching for Teams with Motivational Maps - Contact for Pricing

Build on the strengths of everyone working together

Team and Organisational Motivational Maps allows the comparison of individuals, teams and the organisation as a whole. Most teams are assembled on the basis of relevant and complementary skill sets; what motivates the individuals in the team is often not considered at all. Indeed, conflicts between individuals are often ascribed to ‘personality’ clashes. However, these clashes may well be, and often are, motivational in origin.

Team Maps enable leaders to determine whether the energies of the team are harmonised with mission, whether there are internal conflicts that need addressing, and finally how to provide rewards that motivate the team: each report contains at least 11 actionable ideas. In short, they enable the team to perform at a higher level.

The Team Map supports change management programmes by improving communication with a shared language. This creates smoother transitions and staff engagement.

Use this for:

  • Change management programs
  • Engagement and reward strategies
  • Managing teams

 Benefits and Outcomes:

  • Better team work and greater productivity
  • Superior leadership skills
  • Better recruitment choices

Sample Team Report – http://www.motivationalmaps.com/Resources/Example_Team_Report.pdf

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