Do you feel inspiration has taken a detour and left you stranded?

Do you feel you have absolutely NO ideas about your next step or the possibilities out there for you?

Stop waiting for other people to TELL you what you’d be perfect for, or complete dozens of profile questionnaires that will come up with the ‘perfect career’ for you… Questionnaire, profiles, experts are tools to help you navigate and understand the clues that are around you. I love the concept by Nick Williams that inspiration is available to us all the time (like a radio frequency), if we’re open to tuning in and receiving it. Come at this from a place of pro-activity and ownership, rather than a career is DONE to you!

 START and you’ll be inspired.

How to kick start your inspiration 

  • Start with what you do know about yourself, the ideas you have already, the trains of thoughts that you keep coming back to but dismiss. Pay attention to the on-going niggles that keep coming up for you.
  • Write down your ideas to keep track without dismissing any of them. It doesn’t matter if you feel they are random, unpractical, or not possible – they are ideas, starters-for-ten, possibilities for research, inspiration…
  • Think about the sort of blogs, articles, websites you regularly follow or keep up to date with. What newsletters do you subscribe to and what type of content keeps you engaged and interested? What are you drawn to and energised by?
  • Who do you admire and what are their qualities? Put the mirror up and reflect how these can be found in you?
  • Consider what colleagues or friends always ask you about or they know you’re going to deliver on every time. What may seem easy or enjoyable for you but is tricky or boring for someone else may seem obvious, but it’s tuning in to your natural strengths and areas of expertise that you may take for granted.
  • If you had an all expenses trip to go to anywhere in the world to see your award-winning experts talk about your favourite subjects, who and what would you be going to see?

So what are you getting excited by and are really curious to start finding out more…?

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