Career Coaching

Get clearer and more confident about who you are and where you’re going

Career Coaching can be used to talk through anything related to your career and working life that you’d like to change or improve. Usually career coaching can support one of four things which may be missing for you:
  • Career Change: Your work no longer suits you – you want to try a new industry, role or both; perhaps you’re unsure what the options are, how to decide which path to pursue or even where to start.
  • Career Search: You know what your next role or employer looks like but have no clear strategy of how to find the right opportunity; you need to improve how you communicate to recruiters with your applications and interviews and increase your chances of success.
  • Career Re-energize: You feel overwhelmed, unfulfilled, lack self-belief or undervalue what you can offer or what you want – you need to re-focus; you’re undecided about whether to stay or go; or have a sense of “Is this all there is?”.
  • Career Development: You want to reach higher, aspire to leadership or more responsibility; you’re keen to experience new challenges and opportunities, but unsure of what this could look like or how to achieve it.

“I have had the pleasure of being coached by Sarah recently. Sarah is highly skilled and knowledgeable and is very supportive in her coaching style. Sarah gave me sound advice, and helped me question my abilities to find my strengths and help me focus. Sarah was instrumental in assisting me in my career direction, enabling me to grow in confidence and develop in my role.” 

Natalie, Head of Operations

Making changes in your life takes time, commitment and motivation from you in order to see progress and improvement. Whether you have a one-off appointment or more regular coaching sessions, they will give you the space to truly reflect, increase your confidence, keep you accountable and take action. 

Create your own bespoke career coaching package, which may include any of the following themes:

  • Explore what meaningful, fulfilling work looks like for you
  • Get clear about the questions ‘who am I?’ and ‘what do I want?’ with exercises and tools to understand your work and life motivators, values, career drivers, skills, interests, knowledge
  • Complete an online Strengths Profile assessment that gives you a unique Profile revealing your realised and unrealised strengths, learned behaviours and weaknesses
  • Complete an online Motivational Map assessment that gives a unique report into what you’re motivated by and understand your wants and needs at work to drive high performance
  • Understand how to present your unique combination of strengths, skills and experience in a way that the recruiter will immediately identify with.
  • Reflect how work fits in to your life
  • Generate ideas, explore options and make decisions
  • Become a better story-teller of your own career story
  • CV and Application Reviews with expert, tailored feedback to increase your chances of securing an interview
  • Understand the best way to prepare for an interview and gain some essential practice with my honest and constructive feedback
  • Build a plan to get there and make things happen
  • Ongoing email support to help you stay on track in between sessions and celebrate your achievements.

Career Coaching Options

Programme support and number of coaching hours can be flexible and adapted for each individual.


Over the last 6 months I have been lucky enough to have Sarah mentor me through the UpRising Leadership Programme. Sarah has provided me with sound and clear advice at every stage, and through the safe and supportive environment she created I felt comfortable enough to share any insecurities and doubts. She has an uncanny ability to draw out strengths and strategically assess them to ensure I could make the most out of my skills in a variety of situations. Due to Sarah’s endless encouragement and kindness I feel so much more confident in maximising my experiences to find a graduate position. Everyone needs a mentor like Sarah in their lives!

Regional Programme Manager

Sarah listened very carefully to my future career objectives and gave me excellent advice on how to progress them by broadening my social media reach – it has delivered results!

Public Sector Procurement Specialist

Sarah has guided me to find clarity at times in my career when my future path was unclear and uncertain.
She is an excellent coach, helping me to focus on my strengths. Ensuring my CV demonstrated the real me and enabling me to get a job where I could add value and enjoy. Most of all she genuinely cared and did wonders for my self esteem.

Project Manager

“Coaching was an opportunity to discuss my current state of mind, and establish a plan for getting back into a position of being satisfied and stretched by my day-to-day role. That plan has been set, but I was not expecting the level of depth in needing to understand myself and what I need to be in place in order to achieve that, which has certainly helped.

It transformed from a ‘venting’ exercise into a more reflective, thoughtful, and positive experience (within the 1st hour!)

I benefited mostly in recognising my existing strengths, and exploring new ways of using those in different tasks, or using them in group discussions/exercises to compliment other people’s strengths. I was surprised at how little thought I’d given to myself and trying to understand why I think/act the way I do – why I’m happy, why I’m frustrated etc, and how I can tweak my environment or behaviour to improve my frame of mind.

Now, I’ll dedicate more time towards thinking about myself and what I want, and how to achieve it, rather than just accepting the status quo.”

Key Account Manager

“In the beginning as a new Manager I hoped you would help me find my managerial voice and help me make the exchange from a customer service adviser to the team leader. You helped me prioritise, make decisions, and gave me the courage and reassurance that helped me make some essential changes to the team.

After each session I felt immediately empowered and felt a renewed sense of self. I felt like I clearly understood the direction to head in. I feel that I have a new mental strength. Your coaching has enabled me to trust more in myself and the decisions I make at work and for my team.

I immediately felt relaxed with you from the first session. I have enjoyed the challenge of asking myself some hard questions which you pushed me to ask myself. It has definitely been a voyage of discovery and you have allowed me to laugh, cry and muddle my way through to the answers that were hiding away in the back of my mind.”

Customer Service Team Leader

I cannot recommend Sarah enough for her support in my journey to finding a new role. Sarah has a very considered, empathetic approach to what can be a challenging process, particularly after not interviewing for some time. She leads you to self reflection through strengths profiling and open discussion, which enables a more intentional plan for your next steps and indeed long term career path.

Group Procurement Manager

I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help and support over this past month – even when I came so close to giving up. It has meant so much, especially as if it hadn’t been for you working so hard with me, I wouldn’t have got the job!

Sutton Coldfield

You were kind enough to chat with me on the phone earlier this year as I was considering relocating back home after a few years in Vancouver, Canada. Just a quick note to say thank you once again as I recently secured a job within the University of Bristol! The valuable information that you provided certainly helped me to make the decision to return to the UK and submit a successful application. Thank you once again and I hope that we can keep in touch.

University Careers and Employability Adviser

Sarah is a kind and supportive coach who did a great job working with me as I navigated finding a new job. She went over and above to support me and really helped me feel confident during the interview process. I would highly recommend working with her! Thanks again for all your support! You were a wonderful help. 


 I wanted to sincerely thank you for supporting the MSc students to the fullest. It has been excellent working with you, and the support and advice has been wonderful.


Sarah provided some great advice. For myself, being in the same career since the age of 19, taking the first steps into the world of job hunting was daunting. Clear advice and an understanding of my situation helped massively. I believe my CV, LinkedIn and strategy have benefitted massively.

Engineering Plant Manager

I knew that I needed to move on from my current role but felt a bit daunted by the job ahead to find the role that I wanted. Sarah’s strengths and motivations assessment gave me confidence in my choice to find a new role and confirmed why I needed to do the work to get there. It also gave me new language about myself – my strengths and skills – to be more confident, to better articulate my strengths and about who I am to prospective employers.

When I finally landed an interview for the ideal job I went back to Sarah for my interview practice. Sarah put me on the right path with a range of sample questions and feedback on my practice questions. I put in a lot of practice after that and landed that new job!

I’m very grateful for Sarah’s caring and supportive approach. She is genuinely interested in you; probes to find out what makes you tick and provides great tools and honest advice on what you need to work on so that you can shine in that interview!


It is often said that every good coach has a coach. The problem is that every good coach knows what they are looking for in a coach and so we are very hard to please when it comes to choosing someone we want to work with. I was thus delighted when I got to meet Sarah and realised that I could share my issues with her and feel totally confident in her ability to support my personal and professional development. After a number of intense but very positive sessions, I have a plan for the future which I thoroughly believe in and know can work. I would like to thank Sarah for her belief in me and would recommend her to other clients considering coaching on their own development long term.

Business Development Manager (Charity)

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