How can Retirement Coaching help me?

You may have heard of a lot of different coaching specialities that support you in different areas of your life - in your Career, Health and Fitness, Leadership or Dating. However, not many people have heard of a Retirement Coach, and might be curious about what is...

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5 reasons why we stay in jobs we don’t like

  The average person will spend 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime — that’s an awful lot of time to stay somewhere if you’re not fulfilled. Whilst we know that our jobs shouldn’t overtake our personal lives, spending all that time in a job that we don’t enjoy...

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How knowing your Strengths can help your career.

If you are uncertain about what job to do next, still looking to find your best career path, or are finding it hard to explain what you’re good at, knowing your strengths can be a truly insightful way to make progress. You may already be aware of some of your...

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