Be Better Prepared for Interview Success

Be Better Prepared for Interview Success is an invaluable and go-to resource designed to help you master your preparation for upcoming interviews and become a more confident and successful candidate.

All job interview advice recommends you to prepare, but everyone prepares in very different ways and with very different levels of success.

Whether you’re invited to a job interview with a couple of weeks notice or you have to drop everything to meet them within the next 24 hours, effective preparation takes time, planning and thought.

Creating the time and space to do the preparation you would really like to do can be challenging. Yet, a lack of preparation can seriously undermine your confidence in being your best self.

Do any of these problems sound familiar when preparing for interview?

  • I haven’t had an interview for a while and don’t know where to start
  • I’m so uncomfortable talking about my strengths and what I’m good at
  • What do I say if I’m asked ‘Tell me about yourself’ or ‘Why me?’
  • There’s nothing worse than not getting a job knowing I could have put more effort in
  • How do I figure out what makes me a really strong candidate?
  • I’ve got no confidence at interviews – I’m just no good at them
  • My mind goes blank when I’m under pressure
  • I never know what they’re going to ask me
  • I already do tons of interview preparation, but still don’t get the job. What do I need to do differently?
  • I haven’t got the time to prepare for hours or days for an interview
  • Winging it and googling the most common interview questions doesn’t seem to be working for me
  • After missing out on several job offers, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong?
  • I can’t think of any decent examples to share, they never seem strong enough

If any of this sounds familiar, don’t worry – you’re not alone.

‘Be Better Prepared for Interview Success’ is a 56-page, straight forward guide and downloadable pdf, packed full of practical, tried and tested strategies to help you master your preparation for interviews and persuade recruiters why you’re the best candidate.

If you don’t have the time or budget to book a practice interview session, this is an affordable way to get expert guidance and advice from an experienced Careers Consultant and Interview Coach, who has recruited and successfully coached candidates for all types of interviews and roles.

It doesn’t matter which stage of your career you’re at, or the seniority of the role you’re going for, the foundation of your preparation remains the same. Get the foundation and basics right, and you’re equipping yourself with an essential career management skill for life.

There’s no perfect interview, but you absolutely can have a positive interview experience.

Sarah Robinson

Author of 'Be Better Prepared for Interview Success'

What’s inside ‘Be Better Prepared for Interview Success’?

  • Learn how to prioritise what you need to prepare using my five interview themes that will give you the confidence and flexibility to respond to potentially any question
  • Create a more positive mindset to help improve your confidence and self-belief
  • Identify and better communicate your strengths
  • Craft engaging and confident answers to ‘Tell me about yourself’ and ‘What is your weakness?’
  • Identify your strongest examples and career success stories
  • Master how to answer ANY competency question
  • Discover the 10 most common mistakes candidates make when using STAR to structure your answers
  • Learn 7 reasons to explain your ‘why’ and reasons for application
  • Improve your insight into who and what the company does, even if you have little or no information
  • Anticipate and respond effectively to scenario-based questions
  • Generate great questions to ask your interviewers
  • Discover six assumptions to avoid at interview
  • Gain practical, on-the-day tips for in-person and online interview
  • Discover how to take your preparation to another level with interview coaching

A really helpful, easy to read guide. It gave me much needed reassurance and confidence in how to prepare for my final stage interview!

IT Manager

A great accompanying book that supported my interview coaching session with Sarah! Simple, clear and a great reference guide.

Primary Headteacher

Thank you so much for putting this guide together! It made me finally realise some of the mistakes I’d been making and how to fix them!

Associate Solicitor

Meet the Author

Sarah Robinson provides expert career coaching and consultancy services, interview coaching, strengths profiling and leadership performance to students, graduates, professionals, and senior managers, including Director and Board level. Her interview coaching services are in high demand from candidates across the UK and internationally from all sectors and business areas.

Sarah brings over 20 years as a qualified Careers Consultant, advising and empowering candidates in their job search strategies, an experienced recruiter, and is a certified psychometric assessor. She understands what employers seek and the best ways of raising an individual’s profile and performance for job success.


‘Be Better Prepared for Interview Success’ brings together the essence of her invaluable guidance she shares with all her 1:1 clients as part of her intensive interview coaching service. Written in her signature calm, reassuring and pragmatic style, this book can be used as a stand-alone resource to help you navigate your preparation for any upcoming interview. Or you can receive the book for free to support your 1:1 Interview Coaching appointment, to further cement your learning and tailored feedback.

Read more about Sarah.

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