A specialist in career change, interview coaching, strengths profiling
and leadership performance, I’m passionate about motivating people to
develop and shine in their working lives.

My portfolio career and diverse skill-set combines working part-time as
a Careers Consultant, an influential, senior role at the University of
Birmingham’s award-winning Careers Network; an Accredited Coach with UoB’s Coaching Academy; and my Freelance Executive Coach and Associate Consultant contracts for outplacement and career transition.

I’ve worked within higher education settings in a variety of roles, with
over 14 years’ experience as a manager, team leader and consultant, with
a breadth of knowledge on issues such as managing change and transition,
recruitment and succession planning, coaching, training and development,
data analysis and strategic planning.

I understand what employers seek and the best ways of raising an individual’s profile and performance for job success. This has been gained through my liaison with a wide range of businesses (small through to large corporates) with their shortlisting and recruitment. I’m a trained psychometric assessor, experienced interviewer and review individual’s CVs and applications on a daily basis.

I’ve managed and been part of successful teams, and really enjoy mentoring new and experienced colleagues. I’m also proud to be a Volunteer Mentor for One Million Mentors and UpRising, a youth leadership programme empowering young people to tackle pressing social challenges and encourage positive social change

I recognised very early in my career that learning does not stop after college or university! I’ve been very committed to continually improving my own personal development, regularly reviewing my skill-set and training.  My clients wouldn’t expect anything less!  If you’d like to know more about my career and qualifications, you can view my LinkedIn profile here.

    As a Licensed Practitioner for Motivational Maps®, I work with individuals and teams to help them understand motivation at a deeper level; learn what they can do to improve results, increase resilience and well-being, enable greater employee engagement and ultimately be happier at work. Motivational Maps® is a self-perception online tool, which gives an insight into the core motivation of a person and “what makes them tick”.

    As an Accredited Strengths Profile Coach, I regularly work with clients and teams to help them better understand their own strengths and how this can impact their performance, energy and use in the workplace. Strengths Profile is an online assessment that gives you a unique Profile revealing your realised and unrealised strengths, learned behaviours and weaknesses. Through detailed debriefs you will learn more about what you can do, can’t do, and enjoy doing to release your potential.

    In my role as an Accredited Coach for the University of Birmingham’s Coaching Academy, I support senior professional services staff and academics to improve performance and confidence. I’ve previously worked as an Associate Career Consultant with NetExpat,  Chiumento Consulting and Outplacement First, supporting individuals who have been made redundant, or involved in outplacement programmes and career transition.

    As a Certified Retirement Options Coach, I help individuals focus on the critical aspects of non-financial retirement planning. The LifeOptions Profile™ assesses retirement readiness across 20 lifestyle and attitudinal dimensions in six life arenas: Career and Work, Health and Wellness, Finance and Insurance, Family and Relationships, Leisure and Social, and Personal Development.

    As your Coach, I'm here to:

    • provide tailored career and recruitment expertise
    • keep you accountable to the goals and actions you set for yourself
    • be an objective, confidential sounding board who will truly listen and hear what you have to say
    • give you the space to talk through your ideas freely
    • give you a real confidence boost
    • challenge the beliefs that hold you back and no longer serve you
    • support and encourage you through the whole process of major change
    • encourage you to think bigger
    • appreciate and acknowledge your skills, abilities and achievements
    • be your cheerleader and confidante to achieve a fuller and more satisfying life.

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