Careers Consultancy & Executive Coaching

Expert guidance and practical advice for your professional life.

Careers Consultancy & Executive Coaching

Expert guidance and practical advice for your professional life.

A specialist in career transition, from starting a graduate journey through to planning for a smooth move into retirement, I’m passionate about motivating people to develop and shine in their working lives.

I offer expert career and workplace coaching and consultancy services to graduates, professionals, and senior managers, including Director and Board level, across the UK and overseas, from all sectors and business areas.

As an experienced Master Accredited Strengths Profile Practitioner and a Licensed Practitioner for Motivational Maps, I provide online strengths and motivation assessments with personalised debriefs, to help you understand yourself better, boost your confidence in your own abilities, and maximise your potential and drive. 

I help build your self-esteem and how you show up in the workplace, plan your growth and strategy. Get ready to embrace your strengths for improved performance, job satisfaction and personal fulfilment.

Interview Coaching

Gain essential practice and expert feedback with strategies to improve your confidence and performance at interview

Workplace Coaching

Flexible programmes to transform individual and team performance, development goals, outplacement support and retirement transition

Career Coaching

Successfully navigate career transition with bespoke packages to re-energise and refocus your working life

Motivational Maps

Motivational Maps® is a unqiue diagnostic tool for individuals, managers, team leaders and HR professionals to gain insight into their core motivation

Retirement Coaching

Explore options and develop strategies to bring joy, purpose and fulfillment with your non-financial retirement planning

Strengths Profile

Strengths Profile is a leading global psychometric tool for individual executive, personal and team coaching, and career planning

My Coaching Services Can Help YOU:


Gain a clearer understanding of your career goals and develop strategies to achieve them


Understand your strengths and weaknesses, and learn how to leverage your strengths to achieve success


Rediscover your motivation and drive by aligning your career goals with your passions and interests


Explore different career paths and options to find the best fit for you


Increase your confidence in your abilities and potential.


Develop your leadership skills to become an effective leader and mentor


Shine brighter in your current role and increase your chances of promotion


Review and enhance your job search strategy to improve your chances of landing a job that fits your career goals


Learn techniques to improve your interview performance and make a lasting impression


Navigate the emotional and non-financial aspects of retirement and make a smooth transition to the next phase of your life


The coaching for me has come at a crucial time in my working and personal life and has seriously kept me from making wrong choices and decisions.

Sarah possesses a very strong sense of calm and makes me feel very relaxed and capable of solving any issue. She has a very calming effect on any scenario.  and challenges me without in any way making me feel inadequate or weak. Sarah has a completely pragmatic approach and asks direct questions.

HR Director

I hoped to work out what I really wanted to achieve, and the coaching helped me to see this and how to phrase my goals in a clear, business like way. As I went through the coaching journey, I found I wanted to be more positive and I began concentrating on and highlighting the good aspects of my work style. I’ve gained more confidence in myself and confidence in taking action to achieve my goals in a way that would benefit both myself and the business.

I found that the talking style was very free and I could take the conversation in a way that was right for me. I find the sessions to be very relaxed and beneficial and enjoyed the freedom to discuss any issues I had freely. (The major insight made is…) that I have the ability to improve myself and be an even more productive member of the team, and that I can phrase things slightly differently to communicate in a more business savvy way.

Customer Service Adviser

Although I felt I had read the books, run through the scenarios and felt prepared for retirement, I found working with Sarah filled a lot of gaps in my retirement planning I didn’t realise I had. Some excellent tips, such as the selfie on the last time leaving work, to linkedin tips and suggestions were offered in conjunction with a lot of useful experience from those who had got retirement right with an understandable caveat that each experience is unique to the individual.

Don’t think you need retirement coaching? Think again, it is not possible to be over prepared for one of the biggest life events after all and well worth the investment into getting it right. Sarah makes the sessions engaging and relevant with a huge amount of supporting material. I recommend her without a second’s hesitation.

Global Food Manufacturer

I had an ultimate goal which was to gain a promotion.  I knew I would not be able to do this on my own so I researched the internet to find possible mentors / coaches to help me achieve my goal.

Within a couple of hours, I came across Sarah Robinson who offered a coaching / mentoring service, giving people the tools, they need to succeed in their careers.  I read her reviews which were phenomenal so I plucked up the courage to call her via telephone.

I had a 20-minute free in-depth consultation with Sarah to see if we would be able to work together.  She told me about her experience with the Civil Service framework and what help she was able to offer me.

I booked a few sessions with Sarah to assist me with the delivery of my answers.  Sarah also researched and sent me some sample questions that I could potentially explore answers for.  Sarah was very patient throughout the sessions and we focused on the areas I wanted to focus on.  She even looked over my written applications and provided me with constructive feedback.

After a couple of months of working with Sarah, I was offered a promotion. I cannot thank Sarah enough for her patience and expertise to help me achieve my goals.  I will definitely be using Sarah’s services again when I am ready to enhance my career path even further.

Civil Service Manager

Over just a few short calls, Sarah prepared me effectively for an interview. She improved my speaking style and advised me on refining my content. I appreciated Sarah’s expertise regarding the law firm interview process, and her friendly, encouraging manner. I was especially grateful for how accommodating Sarah was of my schedule, and for the wealth of helpful materials she prepared for me during our sessions. 

Law Training Contract

Sarah coached me through the application and interview process for a non-academic position. Not only did she refresh my memory of good interview technique, she also taught me new ways of handling common interview questions, helping me to stand-out as a candidate. In fact, I found out after my interview that one specific piece of advice Sarah gave me – in relation to speaking openly about what motivates/excites me in interview – had really impressed the panel. I am so pleased to say that, with Sarah’s help, I was successful in securing the first job I interviewed for.  Thank you!

Doctoral Researcher

I was really struggling with my looming retirement, and had been putting off making any plans or decisions for quite some time. I contacted Sarah to help me come up with structure and strategy to get started.

As I went through the coaching journey, I began to feel more positive and hopeful. I quickly recognised I’d been dragging my heels about leaving work due to fear and lack of clarity about what I really wanted.

Since working with Sarah, I’ve gained more confidence in taking action to achieve my goals and feeling more excited about some of the plans I’ve put in place over the coming months. 


I was hoping the coaching sessions would help me build confidence to perform to the best of my ability in my new role. The coaching has met and exceeded my expectations.

I gained a better understanding for my role within the company, better self-awareness and my confidence has grown significantly. Sarah is brilliant at guiding you through thought processes to achieve the best solutions to often difficult situations.

Sales Development Team Leader

I recently had the pleasure of working with Sarah as my career coach, and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Over the course of just a few calls, Sarah helped me immensely in gaining the confidence I needed to succeed in my career journey. Before working with Sarah, I would experience panic attacks in interviews. However, with her guidance and support, I was able to transform my approach and mindset.

Sarah’s coaching was instrumental in helping me secure a training contract at a major law firm. Her techniques and personalized advice were exactly what I needed to overcome my anxiety and present myself effectively to potential employers. Sarah is patient, understanding, and incredibly skilled at identifying and addressing the root causes of career-related challenges.

If you’re looking for a career coach who can truly make a difference, look no further than Sarah. Her impact on my professional life has been nothing short of transformative.

Trainee Solicitor

Working with Sarah has been the most amazing, powerful and enabling experience. She constantly surprises me with her insightfulness and ability to get to the root of my dilemmas, whilst at the same time managing to guide and support me through the maze of thoughts and options. 

Our sessions are fun, challenging, thought provoking and of immense value to me.

Senior Manager (UK charity)

I have worked with Sarah in the 18 months approaching my retirement and although initially I thought the process un-necessary her abilities to encourage you think about the wider picture and the impact not only upon you as an individual but also those around you has been invaluable, thought provoking and totally worthwhile. I would encourage anybody approaching a significant event in their lives professionally or personal to engage with her.

Former Managing Director, Accountancy Firm

I had the pleasure to work with Sarah to prepare for my interview. She surprised me with the approach and level of preparation she put into the questions prior to our meeting. The time during the sessions was very efficient and the feedback provided helped me enormously during the interviews. Sarah prepared me for interviews with different stakeholders, hiring manager, up to CEO. I got selected! 

What I loved also about coaching with Sarah is that I could remain truly myself during interviews, it is the language and examples I was providing that made me stand out. It was best time and money invested in my life and I am sure it will materialize long term as candidate but also interviewer. Thank you Sarah!

Global Head of Procurement
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